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more than 100 killed in a day of rage. now the muslim brotherhood is calling for a week of daily nationwide protests. new this morning, letters from hannah anderson found in the alleged kidnapper's home. what do they mean? the biopick about steve jobs is out. why are they sparring over it? is the blackberry dying? why the phone could be on its last legs. good morning, everyone.
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welcome to "weekends with alex witt". let's get to what's happening out there. a developing news from a situation right now in egypt. it is critical. the muslim brotherhood protesters calling for a week of peaceful protests. an estimated 100 people were killed and over 1,000 arrested yesterday. but those numbers expected to rise. nbc news richard engel was on the front line in cairo's ramsey square. >> protesters are taking cover under this elevated highway. seem to be taking live fire from a police station just up the road. >> wounded were hoisted onto motorcycles and taken to clinics. some already looked dead. >> for more i'm joined by p.j. crowley, a fellow at the george washington university institute for tkhreupt seu and global communications. just your reaction to what we're
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seeing. the violence. look at the pictures that richard engel brought to us. people brought into morgues, declared dead, boom, they're moved out. it's horrific what we are seeing. >> well, egypt is moving backwards. in many respects, while the players shifted on the field, we're back to where egypt was in january 2011 or even before. obviously the military's reasserting itself, cutting the muslim brotherhood down to sizement it's hard to see whatever emerges from this will be different. but it will hardly be the in exclusive democracy that, for example, the united states has aspired for egypt. >> so the president breaks a vacation, makes an address from martha's vineyard on thursday. talk about what he said. are we doing the right thing? are we doing enough? >> i would have called it a coup six weeks ago.
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in terms of democracy in the middle east has been -- that credibility has been lost. that said, the united states is going to have influence only on the margins. perhaps it can draw boundaries around which the military has to operate. by not calling it a coup, we signal we're going to learn with whatever ultimately emerges in terms of a new government in egypt. >> p.j., if we were to label this a coup, that would mean we would have to stop funding any sort of military aid, any sort of humanitarian aid support to egypt. is that true? >> well, it is true. that's why the administration has largely decided they're not going to decide. and barring some sort of horrific -- >> what is that getting us right now? the money that we are supplying to egypt, what is that doing for the united states's interests there? >> well, the united states looks at the egyptian military as the
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most effective institution, probably the only effective institution in egyptian society. it's going to have its influence on whatever emerges. and the united states is going to link itself for good and bad to the outcome that is shaped by the military, not by the united states. >> p.j., is this the same military we're talking about that is opening fire on its own citizens, people in support of mohamed morsi, or is there a different military, something that has more of a foreign focus to try to keep the peace in the middle east? i mean, which military are we funding? >> it's all of the above. obviously perceptions of the egyptian military will change. going back to january 2011, they were heroic in terms of committing themselves to not turning their weapons on their own people. now they are doing so. they are defining those in opposition, the the muslim
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brotherhood, as terrorists. and are going to go through a cycle of repression for a period of time. by the same token, they do play a significant role in the region. it's trying to keep the border between egypt quiet and has succeeded largely in doing so. this is the balancing act the united states is forced to consider. and our fortunes going forward in egypt are tied to the military. there are positive aspects of that and negative aspects of that. >> among the things we have traditionally done is have these military exercises. of course we heard the president and his spokesperson from the state department said we are canceling this military exercises. and it's not just a symbolic gesture. what is that all about? >> well, it's a public rebuke of the egyptian military. i think it's a signal that says, look, we see what you're doing. don't go too far.
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and that has a purpose in this dialogue. but clearly the dilemma for the united states is that our state of objective for the middle east is a return to civilian rule that will will happen at some point. but the conditions that we see in egypt right now hardly are conducive to the rewriting -- transparent rewriting of a constitution and referendum in that constitution, and parliamentary and presidential elections. obviously, what happens in egypt going forward will be different, but it won't be what we called for. >> all those things that you cite are what the united states would like to see happen there. we talk about all the coverage given to this issue now. it is focused on the aid given to egypt and how it gives some sort of leverage. look at saudi arabia, uae, kuwait. compare that to our $1.3 billion. we're a drop in the bucket. so how much leverage does the
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the u.s. really have? >> well, i mean that, aid bias us a lot of things, including the the ability to construct relationships with the egyptian military and the highest echelon. and the middle echelon will be the leaders in five to ten years. it is a significant relationship that that aid has meaning. we have influence and we have an agenda for egypt. but other countries in the region do as well. >> one last question here to you. egypt is called the the birthplace of jihadist and al qaeda thought. should we be concerned about al qaeda exploiting this crisis, trying to get a hoothold there? >> well, it does two things, alex. first, any time a country descends in chaos it presents an opportunity for extremists. so i would think that this will
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become a cause with al qaeda, al swra thatry. i think this is a grave concern. but also the narrative that the united states has used, that participant other government is a large component of the solution to extremism within the middle east. that narrative has been decimated because clearly we are no longer able to credibly advance because we have not involved it a coup. a narrative of democracy in the middle east. >> a complicated time. p.j. crowley, i always appreciate your insights. new this morning, president obama is calling out congressional republicans, letting the government shut down the implementation of the affordable care act. >> they're having a debate over
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hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care because they have been sick and harming the economy of millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically than they are with how badly it will hurt the country. with a good morning to you, kristen, besides taking aim at the gop, what is the president saying about the upcoming implementation of obama care? >> well, alex, president obama defending his health care law. of course there was the delay of the employer man tate. he is making the case that ultimately this will be better into the majority of americans. he's also defending his health care law, amid calls to some republicans to shut down the government over defunding the health care law. we heard echoes of that in the republican weekly address, which
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was delivered today who argues that the affordable care act is actually costing tax payers more dollars. we're getting a glimpse of the budget battles we will see play out in the fall when they try to hash out the budget and the debt ceiling. i can tell you i have been speaking with congressional leaders who say there isn't an appetite for shutting down the government. that doesn't mean these issues will be easy to hash out. so president obama is trying to really frame the debate, if you will, alex, ahead of those fall fiscal fights. we saw him take a number of trips in the lead up to his martha's vineyard vacation. i think we have a graphic of all the place he will travel to. stops include buffalo, syracuse, binghamton and scranton.
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he is very popular with voters in scranton. president owe bam a ma will be talking about college affordability. it comes on a number of stops he has made where he calls for lowering the corporate tax rate, investing in infrastructure, job building projects. all of this really a preview to the fiscal fights we will be talking about in september when congress is back in session, alex. >> oh, i can't wait. okay. >> i can't either. >> i know. here we go again. thank you so much. a pennsylvania judge ruled the state cannot enforce its voter i.d. law during the upcoming election. he also barred the state to verbally tell voters at the polls that photo i.d.s could be required in future elections. naacp and other civic groups are challenging the the law. i will speak with a national
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board member about that law just later on in this hour. chris christie vetoed a ban for 40-caliber rifles. christy released a statement saying it would confuse law-abiding gun owners. 80s a wrap. finishing up the summer conference in boston. from there, let's go now to the weather and the summer chill many across this country are experiencing. temperatures dipped into the 60s here in the northeast last night. down south, the city of atlanta saw a record low. dylan dreyer is here. dylan, good morning. >> good morning, alex. it has been warmer in canada, minnesota and maine than atlanta. yesterday's high in atlanta, 68 degrees was one of the record low high temperatures, if that makes any sense. right now it's 62 degrees in
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atlanta. 64 in boston. 65 in new york city. it's all because of the cloud cover and the moisture streaming off the gulf of mexico. so temperatures normally this time of year in the upper 80s. it has been in the upper six, lower 70s. 71 with heavier rain in the southeast. tomorrow we get up to 77. as we start off next week we should see temperatures get a little bit closer to average. moisture streaming off the gulf of mexico, producing heavy rain. parts of florida and georgia the last several days. it picked up six or more inches of rain. more heavy rain today through parts of the gulf coast states, and in and around georgia through this afternoon. you can see new orleans and parts of the gulf coast could end up with another three to five inches of rain in the next 48 inches alone. flood watches and warnings
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posted in the southeast. in the northeast, it looks really nice. 70s and 80s. most of the country for that matter looks nice and quiet. temperatures 82 in chicago. 80, kansas. denver, lower 90s. should be in the 80s again in the northeast tomorrow with with late day possible showers, especially in the mid atlantic region as we go into sunday afternoon. alex. >> okay, dylan dreyer. thanks for that >> in idaho, a fire near the resort community of sun valley. evacuation orders to 1,600 homes. they have cost more than one million dollars easily. they belong to celebrities like tom hanks and bruce willis.
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new this morning, a top official is pushing back against a report the nsa frequently violated privacy rules after the "washington post" published documents released by edward snowden saying the nsa overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since congress granted it broad new powers in 2008. the number was extremely low compared with overall activities. they are vowing more oversight. joining me now is ed o'keefe and wanda summers. public affairs and media affairs releasing this statement. nsa's foreign collection activities are continually audited and overseen internally and externally. when nsa makes a mistake, the agency reports the issue
7:19 am
internally and to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. nancy pelosi calls this extremely disturbing. ed, you cover congress. what are you hearing from reactions? >> nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein, the type of people who would know what's going on because they serve on the intelligence committee. she has been on the intelligence committee for years and has been receiving them for years, said this is surprising, shocking and something she didn't know about, that should show you congress isn't being kept in the loop. and they aren't doing as good when it comes to its oversight. it is minimal, but that's a classic government response. oh, well, the mistake is a small percentage. mistakes were made. the president was saying this type of stuff hasn't been
7:20 am
happening. perhaps the nsa is doing things it was not supposed to do. >> ed, does the nsa have any credible defense when they say, look, some of this stuff is unintended, like human error. they will plug in something. there will be a typo and they will observe somebody, eavesdrop or collect some sort of intelligence because of that. >> sure. it will be a defense. they will have to show that to lawmakers very quickly when they get back in september. you will see a series of moves to overhaul the place or put more protections in place. they will have to be pretty transparent about the the types of minimal or, you know, minor mistakes as they say and show lawmakers it was a mere typo, it's not a big deal. whether lawmakers will believe them, we will have to see. >> let's see what the president had to say in a press conference at the white house. here it is. >> i am comfortable that the program is currently not being
7:21 am
abused. i'm comfortable that the american people examined exactly what was taking place, how it was being used, what the safeguards were, that they would say, you know what, these folks are following the law and doing what they say they're doing. >> what do you think the likelihood is that the president knows what's been happening, knows about the errors, or not? where do you think it comes down? how much will he have been briefed on all of this? >> you would assume the president has been briefed on a significant amount of this data. hearing what the "washington post" posted in the records along with the long string of disclosures about the nsa surveillance program is not helping this agency in its activities or the obama administration. this is a president who pledged transparently, openness to the american people. right now if you ask them, especially with regard to this activity most people feel they're not getting it.
7:22 am
i believe there's going to be a lot more congressional hearings and oversight into september when lawmakers return back to washington. >> okay. another big topic this morning, ed, approving the resolution to block nbc and cnn from hosting gop primary debates. they both plan to air programs of hillary clinton. >> the network that spends millions of dollars to spotlight hillary clinton is a network with an obvious buying. and that's a network that won't be hosting a single republican primary debate. >> now, nbc news has released this statement, "nbc news is completely independent of nbc entertainment and has no involvement in this project." i was looking at the article you wrote regarding this that the
7:23 am
rnc never approved or funded any primary debates. what is the practical effect of this vote. >> i was thinking about this, alex. look, you share the peacock logo with the nbc network and with cnbc. >> sure. >> what's going on in one department is very different than what's going on at nbc news. >> sure. >> someone might write an op ed program and we have to say, look, that person's viewpoints are over here. i'm in the news division over here. the problem is we all share the same logo. this type of stuff happens entrepreneur time. public perception will be because the nbc entertainment division is running a dramatic mini series completely outside the news division, people will draw conclusions and they don't understand what the newsroom is doing is very different what the executives on the west coast are deciding. you're facing that right now. it's an obvious situation. >> yeah. >> the big question will be,
7:24 am
will candidates in the heat of the primary season in 2016 really turn down an opportunity to appear on nbc or msnbc or cnbc if they were hosting a debate. >> right. >> and will they buck the party and say, look, i would much rather have the opportunity to have a few million viewers across the country than not. on the flip side, euz would rather be on the campaign trail than the debate stage. >> seeing that the rnc never approved your sponsored network debate, what do you think they are trying to accomplish with all of this? is this just so to speaking fires? >> this has been looking at a microcosm of the hillary clinton. we had dozens of primary debates. i don't think it did the party much good. this is a broader attempt by mainstream republicans. you had to hone in to get the debates under control, to have friendlier moderators.
7:25 am
to get more hands on this process. again, this resolution is that rnc meeting was unanimous. the committee chairman got a standing ovation for his remarks that were just aired a couple minutes ago. they want to bring this under their control. i don't know what effect it will have on the actual primary looking forward to 2016. but they want to bring the debates back under control,et it back on their turf and have less of this wild silly season making remarks that most would argue hurt the standing among voters and didn't really happen. >> thank you both. >> thank you. ahead, how facebook can help you navigate your favorite restaurant. and we want to hear more from you. search "weekends with alex witt" and like us, won't you? i hav
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search for bodies after a vessel sinks. hundreds of survivors have been rescued. that death toll for now is 28. istanbul, police unleashed water cannons after calls for demonstrations were made on social media sites. a girl is hospitalized while a black bear mauled her while running. she has undergone surgery and is expected to recover. the bear still on the loose. a puppy stolen from a pet store was recovered thanks to surveillance. a police officer knew exactly where to find her because she's his neighbor. winning powerball will expire in eight days. it is worth a million dollars.
7:30 am
and those are your fast five headlines. now to the developing situation in egypt where the muslim brotherhood has called for a week of protests as the number of dead from this week's violence is expected to rise. i want to talk about some video we're seeing. this came out of cairo yesterday. people actually jumping off that bridge on to a street below. it seems like they were terrified. they wanted to get away from the gunfire. talk about this and the sentiments going on there right now. >> well, in fact, there's two developing stories here. we'll start with the images on the bridge. very disturbing images. it clearly is always difficult to get an absolute account of what happened. no doubt there were supporters of mohamed morsi who were participating in a march. they came into contact with egyptian security forces which opened fire, as we understand
7:31 am
it, on the crowd. there were within the protesters, men who had weapons firing at the security forces. those in that predicament felt like they were caught in the cross fire between those shooting from the military police side and those in the midst firing and that forced them to jump off the bridge and try to get to a safer place below. that's what we understood happened from those who have been able to contact regarding that incident. as you obviously know it was filmed and photographed by journalists who were able to give us those accounts. other developing situation here in cairo has to do with a mosque near rumsey square. following the clashes that happened yesterday, dozens of supporters managed to get inside this mosque that had become a makeshift field hospital. they were treating some of the wounded there.
7:32 am
overnight supporters of the military, military police itself surrounded themselves around the building. that situation continues to unfold. the people inside the mosque refusing to come out. they simply don't trust the police, the military or their own security in the hands of those who have surrounded it. we went to the mosque earlier this morning. we saw the presence of plain clothes men wielding sticks and others. it is a dangerous and tense situation for those inside and also those on the outside with the uncertainty of what is going to happen in the coming hours. alex? >> i want to ask you quickly about an arrest that has been made. you reported this. you told our viewers about the brother of al zawahri. >> they did arrest the brother of al qaeda's leader. here in egypt he is a very
7:33 am
well-known figure. he is a member of a group here, one of the more hard line groups who has denounced violence and participated in politics. nonetheless, one that is widely labeled as a terrorist organization. he has been a vocal supporter. he had been call on the sustained protests and demonstrations. he rejected what is called a coup and thrown his support behind those taken to the streets. we understand that he was arrested in the early hours of this morning at a police checkpoint here in one of cairo's suburb neighborhoods. >> we will see if there's reaction to that arrest. okay. thank you so much. thank you. new developments in the kidnapping and rescue of hannah anderson. that is next. hey linda!
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this morning 16-year-old hannah anderson is with her family one week after being rescued in the idaho wilderness after a family friend kidnapped her. we're learning more about the events leading up to her disappearance. >> reporter: as hannah anderson reconnects with family and friends, we are learning more about her disappearance. newly unsealed search warrants reveal incendiary devices, letters from hannah were found in james dimaggio's home. it's not clear what was said in the letters. court documents reveal they made about 13 phone calls to each other before both of their phones were turned off, the day investigators say hannah was kidnapped. the sheriff is revealing new details about what likely happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect. >> he had a rifle. fired one round.
7:38 am
lowered the rifle to shoulder height, fired one more round and was immediately shot by members of the hostage rescue team. >> the story brings back painful memories for danielle freeman n. 1988, she said dimaggio's father, james dimaggio, sr., threatened to kill her. she was 16. the same age as hannah. >> she seems to have good support. she seems like a strong girl. i think she'll make it through. but it's going to be a tough road for her. >> the spotlight can be harsh. but hannah's family is just thrilled to have her back in their sights. >> anything you would like to say? >> joe fryer, nbc news, san diego. now, to our three big money headlines. confidence builder, cracked berry, the status update. joining me to break all this down, usa contributor regina lewis. good morning. >> hi. >> home builders showing the highest confidence in eight years. home building permits. the highest in five years.
7:39 am
that's important because it portends future growth. right now the rate of home building for single-family homes in the u.s. is half a million per year. in a totally healthy economy you would look for that to be 700,000. but we'll take it. still marked improvement. in related news, the labor department this week saying unemployment benefits, people playing for them, the lowest since 2007. and the link there is that for every new single-family home that is built, that equates to three full-time jobs for a year and about $90,000 in tax revenue. >> that is a good link there. is the blackberry dead? >> certainly they have had a rough run. jim kramer and others follow the company. the commercialization of the business phone. as you will recall, we all had blackberrys. in many companies, they gave them to you. people went home, got in their
7:40 am
comfy clothes and tried the iphone. after that they asked can i make this my business phone too. and the whole category went away and frankly never came back. >> well, here's mine. al roker has been giving me so much grief over this. he said i need to get into the new century. how about facebook, it can help you get a favorite seat at a restaurant? >> it can. it's called open table. they had an update this week. i tested it last night. it's really terrific. if you look up one of your favorite 20,000 restaurants involved, without leaving the app you can make a reservation. it's incredibly easy and probably great business. and may even answer the big business question of our time, how to monetize facebook. it is lead generating. when the restaurant diner goes there they will on average spend
7:41 am
$43. you can mantle a lot of money to be made here for open table and the restaurants. >> thank you so much, regina lewis. i appreciate that. >> sure. a new struggle for people afraid they will be denied their right to vote. that is next. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. you can't escape your demons.
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i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. no such ruling in north carolina where this week governor pat mccrory signed an expansive voting legislation that some are saying unfairly targets minority and young voters. joining me now is one filing the lawsuits. president of its north carolina chapter. reverend barber, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at this law today. it requires now a photo i.d. to get to vote. it short else the early voting period there. it ends preregistration for
7:45 am
teens and ends same-day voter relation. before we get to breaking this down, the impact of the changes, what do you expect them to be? >> well, this is the most vulgar attempt at voter suppression that we have seen in decades in a southern state purchase it is an attempt to manipulate political power by cheating and by denying people their right to vote and abridging their right to vote and violating the most fundamental rights in the 15th amendment and the fourteenth amendment. this is regressive legislation. it's bad for north carolina and bad for the nation. >> let's listen to what the governor mccrory said in his statement this week. >> many of those from the extreme left are using scare tactics. they are more interesting in divisive politics than ensuring that one's vote is
7:46 am
disenfranchised by fraudulent ballot. >> what's your response to that? >> it's actually laughable, and add. our governor has decided to be on the side like george wallace and strom thurman. we had a voter who had to read the preamble. she would not be able to vote under this particular legislation. it is more aggressive than the voter i.d. in alabama. it doesn't allow students to use their i.d.s in colleges. it is called a monster deal. same-day registration was used by 34% of african-americans. early voting was used by 70% of african-americans. they are limiting that. they are cutting down sunday voting. they are allowing more money into politics by ending campaign financing. they are opening up the door to
7:47 am
vigilante poll observers. this is bad, bad, bad legislation and we are fighting it with a lawsuit and with our organizing. >> i'm glad you brought up the 92-year-old constituent. something caught my eye relative to her specifically. she has a north carolina driver's license. that is a government-issued i.d. yet she has concerns that because, for reasons i won't go into a lot of detail with having to do with being born under the presence of a midwife, what was actually on her birth certificate might not exactly match up to the legal name that she has. she's not worried about that. why should she have to worry about that? why can't her north carolina license work for her as my license works for me? >> that's one of the questions. why should she have to do that anyway particularly when north carolina already had the law. you sign your name and you get a five-year felony if you lie. we have had 18 million votes
7:48 am
studied and found really no cases of fraud that -- because of voter i.d. this is just voter suppression straight up. our state constitution said the legislature has no power to change the qualification of vote other than being 18, naturalized in north carolina. 67%, alex, of women do not have the current type of i.d. they are requiring. 34% of african-americans do not have the current type of i.d. that they are requiring. this is an attempt by a narrow-minded political machinery that's backed by a lot of money to hold on to power. they have attacked everybody this year. public education, unemployed, people that need medicaid, working people, people that got earned income tax credit. it's as though they are saying now that we have attacked everybody, our numbers have dropped in the poll, now we are going to try to hold on the
7:49 am
power by limiting who gets to vote. and we're not going to stand for it. >> have you heard from the department of justice or the white house on this? >> not yet. we feel they need to bail this, just like texas. we're going to be pushing for that. our lawsuit is with the advancement project and joyner assisted by jamie phillips and adam stein. this is a tremendous teal. we cannot let this spread is around the nation. we have to stop it in north carolina. their goal is is to test it, see if it can work and spread it around the nation. >> i'm sure with your sroebg is al opposition to it you will help keep that from happening or keep it on the table. thank you very much, reverend barber. it was a role ashton kutcher prepared so hard for that it put him in the hospital. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way.
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new this weekend, jobs. the legendary co-founder of apple opened nationwide. >> it's mine and they're taking it away from me. you're letting them take it away from me. >> the movie stars ashton kucher as steve jobs. always known for tv comedy has the chops to play the american icon. joining me now from "in-touch weekly" and good morning to you. how do you think he does? it's always hard to play someone who still has lots of friends, family still around. >> he did not want to make this a parody. he has been very open about that. he looks so much like him. they did the makeup and he looked even better. he even has the gate like steve jobs does. >> he pauses when he talks.
7:54 am
>> the hand movements. >> he gets that down pat. it's such a good impression of him and also some good acting. i think some people are saying it is an impression. yes, he has the mannerisms, but that isn't all of who steve jobs is. he embodies him in so many ways and ashton kutcher someone who is tech savvy himself and for steve jobs and the computer industry and it technology industry in general. he said this was the most terrifying thing of his life because he has so much reverence for steve jobs. he really threw himself into the role. >> how did he get himself into the hospital, what happened there? >> he tried to the fruitarian diet. he tried doing this -- >> steve jobs went on that diet. >> he ended up in the hospital. he was doubling over in pain and he had to be rushed to the hospital. this is talking about really throwing yourself into a role. again, because there was so much pressure, so many people know
7:55 am
him and so many of us, even if you don't know steve jobs, you've seen him so many times. really a lot to live up to when you know people know him so well. >> so, how do you think he does in the jobs? how does he do? >> i thought he was good. i'm someone who knows steve jobs from the presentations and just from reading about him. but a lot of people thought that maybe he did just kind of do this in just taking liberties maybe, not exactly portraying him as people knew him. and you know there are so many comparisons to the social network because you have a tech entrepreneur who people know, but where you have the story, but maybe you're not getting the heart and soul. >> to that end, there have been some complaints. one comes from steve woezniac and here's a quote from him. i saw "jobs" tonight and i thought it the acting throughout
7:56 am
was good. i thought atlantaive and entertained but not, he knows him. >> he has been very critical of this, even when the first trailers started coming out. >> did they think it was too soon? >> ashton responded to even his early criticism of when the trailers came out saying, well, he is a paid consultant on another film. another script written by erin sorkin. ashton has been saying all along steve wozniak is being paid as a consultant for this other film and that's why he's not helping our firm. we tried to reach out to him and we didn't have the access to him and we didn't know exactly what went on and we don't have that information from him because he's consulting on this other film. >> with that having been said, you talk about the social network and new "jobs "film, yeah, say no more. it will be good.
7:57 am
>> interesting. >> thank you so much. that is a wrap up of this hour of "weekends with alex witt." straight ahead, "up with steve kornacki." i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. okab. a, or b? or a. that's a good choice. let me show you some faucets to go along with that. with the latest styles and guaranteed low prices, you can turn the bath you have into the bath you want. good choice.
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